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When All The Shooting’s Done

The past few days have been a whirlwind for me.  I’ve been spending almost 12 hours a day editing (when I’m not writing my paper), and every night when I’m done editing, I come up with a list of clips I need to shoot to insert the next day. This begs the question:  When do […]

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Preparing for Busing Interview #1

In preparing for the first interview for this thread of the busing documentary, I have chosen to shoot with the Sony EX3 camera, using a Sony wireless lav and a smaller microphone that came with my old PD-170.  I think that the EX3 will fit in nicely with the Canon 7D that I used for […]

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Style for B-Roll Shoot on Saturday

So it took me an extra week, but I’ll finally be setting out with the Canon 7D on Saturday to begin shooting complimentary footage for my busing project. As I go through the locations and shot styles I want to portray in my head, I know that I will have to balance that fine line […]

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Shooting B-Roll with Canon 7D

So I had a camera demo with the Canon 7D yesterday.  If Skeet Ulrich is a poor man’s Johnny Depp, then I have the Skeet Ulrich of 7D’s (EOS 50D).  I really like the way these cameras handle, and the look they give off.  I don’t care if it’s a manufactured look to let everyone […]

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