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Just Because I’m Not Your Friend Doesn’t Mean I’m Not From Southie

I woke up at 10am on Sunday and found this post on the Southie Boy Facebook Page “the southie movies are getting fuckign annoying man go back to hollywood. all you fools dont realise thsese camrbidge yuppies are making money off of your stories. stop supporting south boston movies unless then done by SOUTH BOSTON […]

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Reflection on Filming Southie Boy

**This is an excerpt from my Graduate Thesis Production Book.  At this point I was able to reflect of the pre-production, production, and post-production stages of this project, which began in my senior year of high school.** When I first started graduate school my Auntie Anne told me that it was more about navigating through the system […]

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Obtaining Rights and Licenses: The Adolescence of a Film

**This was my experience with obtaining rights for my film. While this will probably be very dry for the average reader (of a documentary filmmaker’s website…) I hope this is helpful to new filmmakers who are looking to get their projects ready for distribution.** Welcome to My Problem When I started Grad School, my Business […]

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The Fine Cut

So I found myself sitting at the editing station last night thinking to myself, “If I keep changing things up like this, I’m really going to mess up this video.”  In other words, “You’ve got your fine cut, idiot.  Stop tooling around.” I read an article about the video game Duke Nukem.  This was a […]

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When All The Shooting’s Done

The past few days have been a whirlwind for me.  I’ve been spending almost 12 hours a day editing (when I’m not writing my paper), and every night when I’m done editing, I come up with a list of clips I need to shoot to insert the next day. This begs the question:  When do […]

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Busing Interview #1 Post Mortem

I think that this interview was quite successful.  I wound up with 2 Arri 650 watt lights and a 1,000 watt softbox.  I used the two 650’s, and threw a little Lowell kick light behind.  One of the problems I had was that my interview subject (my grandmother) was that she was getting ready to […]

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Style for B-Roll Shoot on Saturday

So it took me an extra week, but I’ll finally be setting out with the Canon 7D on Saturday to begin shooting complimentary footage for my busing project. As I go through the locations and shot styles I want to portray in my head, I know that I will have to balance that fine line […]

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