Classified X

Classified X is a documentary by Melvin Van Peebles about the rise of the Blaxploitation genre.  Van Peebles made the first Blaxploitation piece, Sweet Sweeback’s Baadasssss Song (that’s 3 A’s and 5 S’s in Baadasssss).

The documentary really shows what it means to be independent.  Van Peebles stands in front of a green screen with a background that shows him standing underneath the L tracks.  Thinking back to my last post about being bitter in my film really connects to this piece.  Van Peebles was an angry filmmaker that was cut out of the Hollywood industry due to his race.  I laughed when his opening credits gave the title of the film, followed by, “Starring: The Black Community”

I’m starting to think that sometimes an angry documentarian can be funny, but for the most part, you are taken much less seriously (unless you’re just pissed off at the end because you didn’t like the outcome).  People really start to question your intentions, and almost start to ignore your voice all together.  Think about someone screaming outside of a bar…does it really matter if they’re right or wrong?  Probably not by that point.

I think it’s also hard to sustain that anger through the entire process because you really need to be stubborn to not come to terms with something you’ve spent so much time researching and working for.

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