Debbie Does Dallas (The Documentary)

Thanks again to the fine managers at Newbury Comics, I was able to get another low-priced documentary to quell my fix.

The documentary Debbie Does Dallas looks at the film, the producers and distributors, and all the controversy involved.  There was an FBI sting operation, the lead actress went missing, and there were many mobsters looking to get their cut.

Off the bat, I thought that this film would have issues with the concept of intended audience.  Who do you think would buy a documentary called Debbie Does Dallas?  Well, I’m sure the patrons of Gate of Heaven Church would not be on that list.  However, the story fits in more like any “making-of” piece.

The way they paid off the porn aspect was that they showed blurred images of the actual film, while focusing more on the people involved in the production.  Looking at my piece, I really need to think more about my intended audience.  Of course, it would be easiest to target it towards Boston natives, but that doesn’t really give me an opportunity to branch out beyond L Street.

A lot of the feedback that I got was that there were things said in my piece that people really didn’t understand, like which came first?  Desegregation in the north, or desegregation in the south?  Other people had no concept of where Southie it, Where Roxbury is, and where they are in proximity to each other (which results in the feedback I hear at least once a semester:  You need to put a map in there).

Well, I want to find a way to creatively address these questions without going to Google Maps.  However, before I do that, I need to think about people coming to this film with no background of the timeline, geography, or back story, and anticipate their questions.

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