Freestyle is a film that follows the chronology of freestyling in rap music.  This documentary reminds me a lot about my piece.  They put a timeline of the freestyle movement together, but it’s really not enough to just go on that.  This is when they incorporate sequences of freestyle circles and man on the street interviews with people talking about how it makes them feel to get away from the talking head stuff.

My piece is mostly of people putting together a quick timeline, then talking about how the different aspects of busing made them feel.  People felt that this style was a little disjointed, and that it made no real point.  My feeling is that the piece – at that version – was like a montage, and there’s no one point that’s going to give you that “Aha!” moment, rather it is the culmination of everything that gives you an idea and feeling when you walk away.

I’m starting to see my style.  I use a lot of talking head interviews to tell the story, and I always struggle with b-roll.  This time, however, I’ve wound up with a lot of B-roll.  scenery shots that I captured with the 7D and EX3, 8mm home movie footage that I got from my grandmother, old pictures, and old newsprint.  I’m still using the talking heads a lot, and the one thing I need to do is to give more breathing room in pieces (difficult to do with the fast-talking Southie accent).

I still maintain that my style of storytelling that gives you all this information, and allows you to draw from it what you will, is very effective, but I think I need to focus more on how to make it entertaining.  The way I see myself editing is more questions you ask after someone tells a story, as opposed to asking people what the story was.  “How did it feel after they came down with the busing mandate?”  Not, “Tell me how the busing mandate was passed?”

With this, I need to find my own style of providing back story.

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