Narration 3

I am going to introduce this part just after my media segment.  I was having difficulty joining the talk about the media to a segment where they talk about a Haitian cab driver in Southie (somehow there’s always a Haitian anecdote hovering around me).

I’m a pretty stubborn guy, so I don’t want to start the film off by saying I’m not apologizing, but then spending the rest of the video talking about how I’m an Enlightened Northeastern Liberal.  Also, I’m a huge wiseass, which I have been leaving out of these posts, so I’m not sure if this is a good place to insert that often misunderstood humor.

I spent my entire life in South Boston, and aside from occasional arguments with community members over racial equality, I thought that South Boston had just as many racially insensitive people as other neighborhoods.  As I learned more about busing, I mainly became confused with how Southie – a neighborhood forced to be in this situation by their local and federal government – focused their attention on the people of Roxbury, victims of the same mandate.

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