Narration 4: Take 2

After showing my ending to my professor, he gave me some good advice:  If I’m going to use this film as a demo for my thesis, I should probably give a less bitter ending (of course what happens when people read these blogs?)  It makes sense, though.  I didn’t script this final narration.  Instead, I just started recording, and spoke into the mic.

You can hear that my tone is different, and that I pause a little between words, but I like that.  This is more sincere than my alternate ending, and attacks detractors a little less too.  I’ll be glad when I get some people from the other neighborhoods in this piece, because different audiences will feel like they’re represented – Even if the film doesn’t have a map.

You know, watching this film back, I’ve noticed actually how angry people seem towards the end, and I think that’s because there’s never been any closure with the issue.  I’d like to see the people from Roxbury and South Boston sit down and have a conversation.  Maybe get a couple students together.  Sit down and hear a conversation with the transitional aids.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that we need to talk about this issue.  And who better to get it rolling than a Southie boy?

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