Someone gave me a DVD of the documentary Overnight.  It is about Troy Duffy, the writer and director of Boondock Saints.  I remember when this movie came out on DVD. People assumed I had seen it because I was from Southie, but to be honest, I’m more of a TV guy than a movie guy.

The film chronicles Duffy’s overnight stardom from his mega-deal with Miramax Pictures.  Harvey Weinstein gave Duffy such a great deal for being such unproven talent.  From there on, it turns into a nightmare.  Duffy turns into a huge dick, starts criticizing Weinstein, blames everyone for not being able to move the pre-production forward.  They show him calling celebrities to be in the films, and how he reads on the voicemails, I don’t even think his mother would call him back.

This movie points out a very big gap that film schools often (intentionally) leave out.  Some film schools consider themselves “trade schools”  where they train you to know the equipment, their names.  They basically teach you how to work on a set.  I went to Columbia College in Chicago, and this was basically the education I received – and it served me well.

When I got to Emerson, I noticed a lot more attention to film theory and new media, half of which I got.  However, there’s no business class that teaches you how to send off solicited scripts, where to go to track down the power, or how to really produce.  Duffy never even went to film school, so it just goes to show you that having the politeness of Woody Boyd, and the determination of Rebecca Howe (See Cheers) will get you a lot further than being a dick in overhauls who won’t even call himself the next Spielberg because he thinks he’s better than him.

It’s on Netflix, check it out.

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