Preparing for Busing Interview #1

In preparing for the first interview for this thread of the busing documentary, I have chosen to shoot with the Sony EX3 camera, using a Sony wireless lav and a smaller microphone that came with my old PD-170.  I think that the EX3 will fit in nicely with the Canon 7D that I used for some of my initial b-roll.

I think that the most difficult part of this interview will be that the subject is my grandmother, who was one of the 5 mothers that founded South Boston Heights Academy.  I think that it is difficult to interview any family member, but when it comes to the issue of busing, and all of the racial and political questions that deserve a lot of respect and ethical reflection from the interviewer, it adds an added element of difficulty when one also needs to consider family repercussions and protection.  I will most likely have to rely on this interview for chronological context, and hope to be able to draw out as much emotion as both my subject and I feel comfortable giving and taking.

I have not yet decided how I will setup this interview, but I know I would like to have a good separation of a well-lit subject separated by a darker background.  The issue with the location is that there are a lot of windows and a lot of white walls.  I will shoot after sunset to do away with the color temperature issues, but I will really need to study which background would be best for this particular interview.  My grandmother has a cabinet of figurines in her living room, so I may start there.

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