Preparing for Next Two Interviews

In preparing for interviewing the next two mothers, I’ve been faced with an issue of artistic conflict.  I like how I shot my grandmother’s interview (still working on screen captures), but it doesn’t fit in with my initial vision of how I wanted to shoot people.  I pictured more of an interview with a black background, lighting the subjects with a side light that would be more of a fill light as the key, with a higher contrast ratio.  I was talking to one of my advisors, and he told me not to get too fancy with the styles of interviews, as they should all look distinct, but still present a unified style.

I think that one thing positive came out of not doing the black background, as now I may be developing a new aesthetic where the backgrounds of the interviews will be able to serve as b-roll.  In my Advanced Documentary Production class, people seemed to think that it would be interesting to use the figurines in my grandmother’s cabinet as additional b-roll, matching different figures to the tone of what she was saying.

Another dilemma I have is that I may not have a camera person for these upcoming interviews, which will make me want to use two cameras, so I can get some shot diversity.  However, I’m not sure if it will be too jarring, using a single camera technique for one interview, while using a dual camera technique for the other.  I guess I will let scheduling decide.


I did a two camera setup with a Sony EX3 and the Canon 7D.  This proved to be a mistake.      Setting up all of the lights, audio, and cameras by myself was too much.  There were so many small details to remember that I couldn’t remember everything.  As a result, my audio suffered, and the exposure on the 7D was too low and couldn’t match up with the side profile of the EX3 (Warning: I setup the shot in still mode on the 7D, then shifted to video when the interview started.  The exposure was drastically different).  I had to reshoot this entire interview, and I couldn’t even use any sound because it just proved too much to handle.  (The location didn’t help either).


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