Style for B-Roll Shoot on Saturday

So it took me an extra week, but I’ll finally be setting out with the Canon 7D on Saturday to begin shooting complimentary footage for my busing project.

As I go through the locations and shot styles I want to portray in my head, I know that I will have to balance that fine line between discipline and experimentation.  When I go out on Saturday, I would rather be able to walk away with 18 quality shots of Southie, instead of walking away with over 100 shots that will kill me in editing because I can’t decide between them.

That being said, I’m also going to have a 7D…the sexy camera of 2010…I’ll have the flavor of the week in my hands and I know I’ll want to play like a seeing-eye dog on his day off.

I think that for every location, I will try to keep things to three very basic shots…static, rack, and pan.  This way, I’ll hopefully be able to give myself enough coverage that will allow me to play with the pacing of the final piece.

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