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Preparing for Next Two Interviews

In preparing for interviewing the next two mothers, I’ve been faced with an issue of artistic conflict.  I like how I shot my grandmother’s interview (still working on screen captures), but it doesn’t fit in with my initial vision of how I wanted to shoot people.  I pictured more of an interview with a black […]

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Busing Interview #1 Post Mortem

I think that this interview was quite successful.  I wound up with 2 Arri 650 watt lights and a 1,000 watt softbox.  I used the two 650’s, and threw a little Lowell kick light behind.  One of the problems I had was that my interview subject (my grandmother) was that she was getting ready to […]

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Sherman’s March

It feels like any documentary student is not allowed to receive their degree until they see Ross McElwee’s Sherman’s March. I feel like I saw so many clips in my film classes that I had seen all of it one way or another, but I actually sat down and watched it again straight through.  I […]

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Preparing for Busing Interview #1

In preparing for the first interview for this thread of the busing documentary, I have chosen to shoot with the Sony EX3 camera, using a Sony wireless lav and a smaller microphone that came with my old PD-170.  I think that the EX3 will fit in nicely with the Canon 7D that I used for […]

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Style for B-Roll Shoot on Saturday

So it took me an extra week, but I’ll finally be setting out with the Canon 7D on Saturday to begin shooting complimentary footage for my busing project. As I go through the locations and shot styles I want to portray in my head, I know that I will have to balance that fine line […]

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Crisis: Behind A Presidential Commitment

This week I watched the direct-cinema-style documentary, Crisis: Behind A Presidential Commitment.  The story takes place in 1963 and centers around Alabama Governor George Wallace’s attempt to prevent two black students from attending the University of Alabama.  As we watch, we see Attorney General, Robert Kennedy advise his staff, as well as his brother/president, John […]

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The Artistic Flavour

Now that I’m starting to get my ducks in a row for my thesis project (Busing in South Boston during the 1970’s), I’m really starting to consider how I want the look of this piece to be.  Like many documentaries, this story will be captured over the course of atleast two years, shot with different […]

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Boston Area Video Artist

Padriac Farma is a Boston area video artist.  He studied film at Columbia College in Chicago, and is currently enrolled in the new MFA program at Emerson College.  His main concentration is documentary, having worked on documentary and reality series for Fox and The Discovery Channel. He also produces work in the areas of photography, […]

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