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The Fine Cut

So I found myself sitting at the editing station last night thinking to myself, “If I keep changing things up like this, I’m really going to mess up this video.”  In other words, “You’ve got your fine cut, idiot.  Stop tooling around.” I read an article about the video game Duke Nukem.  This was a […]

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Freestyle is a film that follows the chronology of freestyling in rap music.  This documentary reminds me a lot about my piece.  They put a timeline of the freestyle movement together, but it’s really not enough to just go on that.  This is when they incorporate sequences of freestyle circles and man on the street […]

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Preparing for Next Two Interviews

In preparing for interviewing the next two mothers, I’ve been faced with an issue of artistic conflict.  I like how I shot my grandmother’s interview (still working on screen captures), but it doesn’t fit in with my initial vision of how I wanted to shoot people.  I pictured more of an interview with a black […]

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Preparing for Busing Interview #1

In preparing for the first interview for this thread of the busing documentary, I have chosen to shoot with the Sony EX3 camera, using a Sony wireless lav and a smaller microphone that came with my old PD-170.  I think that the EX3 will fit in nicely with the Canon 7D that I used for […]

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