The Artistic Flavour

Now that I’m starting to get my ducks in a row for my thesis project (Busing in South Boston during the 1970’s), I’m really starting to consider how I want the look of this piece to be.  Like many documentaries, this story will be captured over the course of atleast two years, shot with different types of cameras, and in various settings that quite frankly capture just how unnatural some spaces on this earth can be.

So just thinking in terms of style for this project, I would like to create a consistent background and focal length.  Recently, I was turned on to the idea that if you developed a blank negative, it would be black.  With this, consider the canvas of the frame as complete darkness, using light as your brush stroke to create an image.  I think that this way of thinking really elevates the potential quality of your frame.

When I was an undergrad, I mostly considered blasting the frame with light, and taking away the light that created hot spots or shadows, but now I think that this new tactic (which is really only new to me) will allow for more subtlety, allowing for more framing of subjects with eye lights, hair lights, and perhaps even a dimmer should I ever become so bold.

Wexler, eat your heart out.

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