The Fine Cut

So I found myself sitting at the editing station last night thinking to myself, “If I keep changing things up like this, I’m really going to mess up this video.”  In other words, “You’ve got your fine cut, idiot.  Stop tooling around.”

I read an article about the video game Duke Nukem.  This was a blockbuster video game – one of the first of its kind.  Naturally, after making millions of dollars, the game designers started working on the sequel.  Well, over a decade later, people are still waiting for the sequel.

The owner of the company kept finding new technology, new ways to tell the story, and new ways to up the action.  They spent millions upon millions of dollars to make this game the best game ever.  However, there was always something new that came along that made the engines they were using to look obsolete.

This brings up when to walk away…They could have put out the sequel, and just went on with the franchise, but instead they shot themselves in the collective foot, used up all their money, and wound up losing the franchise to their funders.

In my case, I was downgrading all my technology in putting off the fine cut.  I went from the 7D to the EX3 to the PD170.  I was messing with the look of my film, and making it more inconsistent as I went on…okay if this was a three year project, not a three month project.

So I walked away.  Stay tuned for the upload.

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