When All The Shooting’s Done

The past few days have been a whirlwind for me.  I’ve been spending almost 12 hours a day editing (when I’m not writing my paper), and every night when I’m done editing, I come up with a list of clips I need to shoot to insert the next day.

This begs the question:  When do you stop shooting?  Well in my case – a year and a half at the earliest.  But for this short assignment, I’ve been shooting right down to the wire.  I’ve even broke out my trusty PD-170 to do the job now (which really holds up against the HD stuff).

Traditionally I have been against reshoots.  Mostly because I feel it will take so much time away from the editing that I will wind up with a worse piece in the end.  (This is why it’s important to have a great pre-pro, kids)  However, this semester has been three months of trying new things, and in the process I’ve wound up with some cool stuff.

I still think that last minute reshoots can be like Indiana Jones taking one last reach at that Holy Grail, but I’m more open to it now.  I’m not going crazy, though.  I have a box full of newspaper clippings and transcripts that I’m staying away from, because I want to savor the feeling of the fine cut for a week or so before I see everything that I left out at the 11th hour.

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